Lizzie Pannell, a painter based in Wellington. For Pannell, painting abstract florals is a source of profound joy and tranquility. Immersed in her work, she finds solace in the vibrant colors and organic shapes that emerge on her canvas. Each painting is a testament to her patience and contemplation, with some taking months to complete through meticulous layering and consideration.

Pannell always harbored a dream of pursuing art, but initially pursued a career in the media industry as an Account Director. After fifteen years, she realized her true passion lay in painting, prompting her to take a leap of faith and reignite her artistic journey.

With each brushstroke, Pannell creates a world of beauty and emotion, allowing her art to evolve organically like blooming flowers. Her paintings reflect her deep connection to the creative process, inviting viewers to explore the intricacies of her abstract floral compositions.