Pam Mossman is a ceramist based in Ohope Beach, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. Her ceramic creations, particularly her nostalgic hydrangeas, have garnered admiration from art enthusiasts far and wide. Each piece reflects Mossman's profound connection to her surroundings, capturing the essence of coastal living in delicate clay. She has dedicated over three decades to her passion for art. Mossman's artistic journey has been deeply influenced by the natural beauty that surrounds her coastal home and her rural upbringing.

Despite her humble beginnings, Mossman's artistic prowess has flourished over the years, earning her a well-deserved reputation as a masterful creator. But beyond the accolades and recognition, Mossman finds true fulfillment in sharing her art with her tight-knit community. As a mother of five and grandmother of six, she cherishes the opportunity to impart her love for art to the next generation, nurturing creativity and imagination in the hearts of her family and neighbors.

Mossman continues to draw inspiration from the ebb and flow of nature, weaving stories of beauty and wonder with every stroke of her brush and every mold of her clay. With each new creation, she invites viewers into her world, offering a glimpse of the boundless creativity that defines her artistic spirit.