Melanie Field is an artist based in Auckland, whose work is deeply influenced by nature and the mystical realm. Drawing inspiration from the underlying elements of the natural world, such as pattern, rhythm, and sacred geometry, Field explores the invisible realms and sensory experiences of life. Her principal areas of interest include cyclical phases, relationships, and the interplay between seen and unseen phenomena.

In her artistic process, Field paints intuitively, allowing each piece to evolve organically without predetermined outcomes. She embraces the notion that paintings reach their own completion in their own time, with some pieces taking months to develop as they steep in the studio until Field senses their next steps.

Practically, Field begins with a loose and free approach, layering the canvas with spontaneous mark-making that reflects the textures of nature. She utilises a combination of heavy body and fluid acrylics to build layers, responding to the evolving composition. The final phases of her process involve blending and softening the painting through sheer and transparent components, creating a harmonious balance of colours inspired by nature's diverse elements. Her hope is that viewers find a deep resonance with the natural world and the mystical forces that permeate it.