Brenda Clews

As a self-taught artist/painter, there is a constant yearning to teach myself more about my craft. I love the freedom that comes with experimenting. Painting evokes an almost childlike wonder and excitement in me.  

Art has been a passion since I can remember, but in more recent times it has become far more than having fun putting paint on the canvas. It has become a way of visually remembering beautiful moments and imaginings. It is also a way for me to disengage when in the midst of a busy life. My work has become increasingly about being mindful, the ability to focus on the here and now. That’s when I can create my best work.  

My work invites the viewer to feel an emotion and draw on their own connection with nature rather than purely observing the image or colour. I love working with acrylics in particular slow-drying acrylics which are much closer to an oil in texture, colour and saturation. Each piece involves multiple layers and is very much an organic process.  

My style changes as I do. I guess you could call it style-fluid. Although I do tend to lean into thick lush textures in gestural brushstrokes resulting in a more abstracted final work. My pieces are an intuitive response to what I see and feel around me. Nature has been a consistent theme in my work, particularly the sea. The ever-changing natural canvas is a constant source of inspiration.

My work has sold privately to collectors worldwide with pieces residing in Los Angeles, London, Cambridge, Glasgow, Abu Dhabi and throughout Aotearoa.