Geoff Rankin is a master glass and stone carver based in South Auckland. His early years were spent in South Africa until his family emigrated to Australia in the early 60s. 

Shortly after arriving in Sydney, Geoff was accepted by the National School of Arts as a full time student. It was during his time at art school that he discovered the third dimension which has held most interest ever since.

Geoff spent most of his early artistic career working as a set designer, working on metal sculpture in his spare time.

In the 1980s Geoff and his wife moved to New Zealand and joined the South Auckland Rock and Mineral Association. It was there that he first learnt to polish a stone. He developed these lapidary skills and transferred this into his sculpture.

"I mainly work with obsidian and glass as these materials show off my designs well. I'm looking for pure form. A lot of my work doesn’t have a base and can be shown in more than one angle. I'm happiest working on geometric forms or organic forms, or a combination of both."

His award winning works have been exhibited in multiple galleries across Australia and collected by patrons worldwide.