Matt Payne, a young painter based in Auckland, is rapidly gaining prominence in the New Zealand art scene. Matt's artwork is deeply influenced by his love for New Zealand's landscapes and coastlines. His compositions are marked by dramatic flair and vibrant colours, showcasing extraordinary attention to detail. He explores the interplay between colour, light, and form, aiming to capture the essence of his subjects, be it an emotion, feeling, or mood.

Coming from a background of high-level sportsmanship, representing New Zealand in water polo at Commonwealth and World Championship levels, Matt brings a unique perspective to his artistic practice. With a degree in Sport and Recreation, he transitioned to pursue his passion for art, dedicating himself to painting since 2004 after graduating from Whitecliffe College for Fine Arts.

Since embarking on his artistic journey, Matt has been featured in numerous acclaimed shows, captivating art enthusiasts with his evocative creations. With each brushstroke, he continues to mesmerize audiences, offering a fresh perspective on the beauty of New Zealand's natural landscapes.