Frankie Meaden, a budding artist based in Auckland, is transforming the realm of embroidery with her expansive creations.

By challenging the traditional scale of embroidery, Meaden's vibrant and tactile pieces serve as a testament to her artistic zeal and dedication to sustainability.

Meaden's artworks, which adorn the streets of Auckland and reach as far as the United States, go beyond mere aesthetics. Each piece serves as a powerful tool to raise global environmental consciousness while celebrating the beauty of color and joy.

By repurposing banners and street pole flags destined for landfills through intricate embroidery, Meaden transforms waste materials into timeless artworks, bringing peace and joy to spaces and lives worldwide.

Her latest collection for 2024, titled ‘FULL’, embodies the essence of abundance and vitality. Each artwork, named with a different word ending in ‘ful’ – from Wonderful and Thoughtful to Graceful and Plentiful – bursts with color, texture, and floral motifs, inviting viewers into a world brimming with life and positivity.