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Opening 27 April 5pm
Show runs 28 April - 7 May
Showcasing new works from Brad Novak, Brenda Clews, Frankie Meaden, Jemma Ennis and Lizzie Pannell.


Petal brings together five established and emerging artists with diverse styles to explore the botanical theme. Each artists interpretation of the theme is realised through unique mediums and techniques. Acrylic paints, oil stick, stencil, spray paint and textile are used to brilliant effect.


 Petals / Poet Amy Lowell - 1874 - 1925

          Life is a stream
          On which we strew
          Petal by petal the flower of our heart;
          The end lost in dream,
          They float past our view,
          We only watch their glad, early start.

          Freighted with hope,
          Crimsoned with joy,
          We scatter the leaves of our opening rose;
          Their widening scope,
          Their distant employ,
          We never shall know. And the stream as it flows
          Sweeps them away,
          Each one is gone
          Ever beyond into infinite ways.
          We alone stay
          While years hurry on,
          The flower fared forth, though its fragrance still stays.




Brad Novak / Auckland

Brad Novak’s painting style is inspired by pop icons and the urban environment. With this new body of work, Brad explores a completely new direction, using photography, paint, stencils and collage to build up the canvas. Although the subject matter is new, each piece distinctively carries Brads signature urban style.


Brenda Clews / Auckland

Brenda Clews is a landscape and still life painter. Her work is an intuitive response to what she sees and feels around her. Her work invites the viewer to feel an emotion and draw on their own connection with nature. Using expressive, gestural brushstrokes, Brenda builds up the surface to create final works that burst from the canvas.


Frankie Meaden in her studio

Frankie Meaden / Auckland

Frankie Meaden is an emerging artist working with large scale embroidery. Frankies art is almost always botanical, with her large scale sculptural pieces challenging the scale at which embroidery is usually seen. Touching on topics of sustainability, Frankie uses colourful rope and recycled street banners that is both impactful and beautiful.  


Jemma Ennis / Auckland

Jemma Ennis is an emerging artist, celebrating form with a pixelated approach. Working in acrylic flashe, Jem intricately deconstructs her subject matter before marking out her canvases, carefully painting in each section, building up the colour slowly to reveal an abstracted final result.


Lizzie Pannell in her studio

Lizzie Pannell / Wellington

Lizzie Pannell describes her floral style as ‘impressionist still life’; taking on a liberal use of fluid strokes and boundless palette, all the while maintaining a detailed study of the subject. Her intention is to evoke feelings of joy and energy from what surrounds us in the natural world, celebrating how flowers evoke charm and indicate fresh beginnings.


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March 08, 2023