Alexandra Weston is a painter and colourist, based in Lyttelton, where she finds inspiration in the mundane and everyday. Her buoyant work reflects her overflowing curiosity for color, detail, and repetition, resulting in pieces with remarkable depth.

One of Weston's signature styles is seen in her Pöttyök and Common Thread pieces, where she applies paint or ink to the reverse side of perspex. This unique technique offers viewers a different perspective, inviting them to look into the work rather than just at it. Weston has been exploring and refining this style since 2009.

After spending many years in the design and styling industry in the vibrant city of Hong Kong, Weston transitioned to becoming a full-time artist in 2017. Since then, she has showcased her work in numerous solo and group exhibitions, captivating audiences with her vibrant and engaging creations.