Opening 30 Nov from 5pm - 7pm
Show runs 1 Dec - Sat 16 Dec
We are excited to announce our final show of the year, In Colour. In Colour is a group exhibition showcasing new works exploring the use of colour in a variety of artistic mediums. Paintings, perspex, metal, textile and glass are explored in this vibrant collection of pieces.
Participating artists: Alexandra Weston, Charlotte Robertson, Jane Denton, Karin Barr, Nathan Ingram, Sam Mathers. 

And proudly introducing Amanda Billing, Charlotte Suggate and Kate Mitchell. 

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Joy seeking colourist artist Alexandra is based in Lyttelton, New Zealand. Her buoyant work reflects her ability to find delight in the mundane and everyday. An overflowing curiousity for colour, detail and repetition and a generous allowance of time give her work big depth.

Alexandra applies paint or ink to the reverse side of perspex. The work is caught from a different perspective behind the plexiglass asking the viewer to look in on the work rather than at it. 

Amanda has been drawing and painting the figure for a while now, her fascination with the complex and sometimes contradictory symbolism of the female nude well and truly piqued. Coupled with a dogged determination to understand colour, this fascination deepens with each exploration, amplifying the enduring charge of the erotic, compassionate, always contemporary naked female form. Amandas process always has inquiry and risk at its heart, as well as love and belonging.

When I close my eyes I see life in vivid colour. My internal world is a kaleidoscope of movement-hands, flowers, figures and astrological objects in a constant state of flux. In this inner world figures are reclining peacefully, soaking up nature as she leans in on them. In my inner world it is entirely possible for someone to casually embrace a comet flying through the air!

With these pieces I enjoyed the process of colour pairing. I love the vivid combination of red and blue, there is a certain feeling I get in my body when I see that combination, it is like an aliveness that I feel in my centre. Yellowy green is a colour that I see in my daily walks in nature, a lovely green lichen on a branch will have me hurrying back to my studio to capture its feeling in my own way. 

Daisies are often my muse when I paint, there is an inherent simplicity and purity to them. With my paintings for the ‘In Colour’ exhibition I wanted to take the humble daisy and by using bold colours, I aimed to amplify the visual impact of the florals. Whether it is by changing the usually white petals to a bold violet, a soft lilac or the stalks from a green to brilliant magenta.

The compositions are always tightly cropped, surrounding the viewer in the secret world of daisies.  I have amplified the daisies' natural beauty with an explosion of vibrant hues -  I want to invite the viewers to see the daisies in a new and more emotionally charged light. 

Charlotte is a new artist to the gallery and we can't wait to share her beautiful work with you!


For 'In Colour', the first thing that came to my mind was Spring. In my work I drew inspiration from the feeling we get when we sense for the first time that the season has changed, that winter is behind us and spring has finally arrived. The chorus of birds in the morning, leaving the winter coat hanging in the cupboard, slipping on sandals or jandals for the first time in months! 

Throughout the creative process, I thought about the connection between the changing season - the play of light and colour, the freshness and vibrancy of spring - and the way these changes make us feel, how they open the door and invite us into the world again.  

In these pieces, I’ve balanced a bold colour palette with subtle shades and delicate lines to evoke that first feeling of springtime.

“My work is all about texture, colour and design. Colour is so important to me... when a piece is right it ‘sings’ – there’s really no other way to describe it!”

Becoming a student in a glass blowing mentoring program 18 months ago opened up a new freedom to explore and play with colours & forms within the glass medium. Up until this point I worked predominantly in cast glass (ring bases) and with newly learnt skills & techniques in the hot shop I have been able to create colourful forms (ring tops). A new playful ‘mix up’ RING series evolved. These RINGS show the immense versatility within the discipline of glass art.

Kate Mitchell is a glass artist based in Auckland, New Zealand. Influenced by colours and forms that she comes across in her everyday life, Kate's work and colour palette are a reflection of her inspiration. 
Kate is a new artist to the gallery and we can't wait to share her incredible glass with you!

Nathan Ingram is an Ōtautahi-based artist whose work shifts between street and studio, exploring the potential of these distinct sites of creation and installation. With a background that spans fashion, graffiti, graphic design, street art and large-scale muralism, Nathans art constantly grapples with a deep-set interest in the outcomes of experimentation and repetition.

Nathan will be presenting new works on glass as well as powdercoated steel. The pristine panes of glass and flat metal surfaces allow Nathan to explore an array of colours, from soft and subtle to bright and bold.

Sam Mathers is a Raglan based painter that brings the world around him onto canvas,

"My works are a visual diary of my travels in New Zealand and around the world – the way I see and experience these places. They document the iconic and instantly recognizable as well as the odd and interesting. I am fascinated by the back-story – the cultural history behind the well-known images, along with scientific rules and the mechanics of how things work. I explore these ideas within a graphic sensibility and play with scale, depth, text, current and old media, languages, currencies and slang to create multi-layers of meaning – the opportunity for each viewer to find and connect with something different.

I deliberately create scratches, paint drips and weather-beaten marks to add character and a natural look, while using a colour palette that resonates with me at the time.


Keep an eye on our Instagram page for sneak peeks of artworks included in the show, and make sure you mark Thursday 30th November in your diary!

November 06, 2023