Mo Stewart is an artist based in [location]. Her work, encompassing both drawings and paintings, is deeply process-oriented, delving into the realm of drawing as an exploratory avenue within her artistic practice. Stewart's style revolves around pushing the boundaries of materials, meticulously observing how they interact with each other and the surfaces they are applied to.

In Stewart's creative process, the materials used and the technique of applying gestural marks evoke an unconscious approach to drawing, while deliberate strokes highlight the interplay between these diverse techniques. Additionally, Stewart incorporates her own body into the artistic process, using it as a tool for painting and mark-making. Through this innovative approach, Stewart explores the convergence of physicality and creativity, further enriching her exploration of the artistic space.

Moreover, Stewart's practice delves into the performative aspect of drawing, intertwining it with the concept of art as a representation of images. Her techniques emphasise the dynamic nature of the human body in motion, occupying space and capturing a fleeting moment in time. Stewart's keen interest lies in presenting the living, breathing body as it exists in three-dimensional space, transcending the static nature of traditional representations. Through this approach, Stewart challenges conventional perceptions and offers a fresh perspective on the relationship between art, the body, and space.