Yvonne Abercrombie was born in 1982 in Warkworth. Growing up in the country, she cultivated an affiliate connection to her natural surroundings. This lingers in her painting practice as an underlining reminiscent subject.

Yvonne completed a Master of Design degree 2015 – 2017, during which time she developed a body of figurative and expressionist paintings. Applying the figure to an undisclosed abstract landscape is where Yvonne’s practice is situated. The marrying of subject, imagination and the illusive behavior of paint is the artists devise.

The most pertinent word for Yvonne Abercrombie’s work is ‘edible', like a generously smothered piece of toast consummated with butter, or opening a pack of coloured popcorn, such a childish titillation of visual stimuli. A glossy enchantment of artificial and incoordinate colours, yet powerfully seductive.

Abercrombie’s paintings are akin to the same fanciful notion. Colours meet illogically but with curiosity, an assortment of figurative elements and afterthoughts of highlight and detail.

There is reference to historical contexts of the figure in painting, use of symbolism and traditional aesthetics of oil painting. Yvonne applies these methods with a ‘contemporary kick’ of thick verses thin, hot pink sits with khaki yellow and displaced arbitrary compositions, situating her practice within current discussions of the figure in art.