Mā te huruhuru, ka rere te manu  
Adorn the bird with feathers so it can fly 
A tale, a whim, a muse, melds the practices of Charlotte Robertson and Yvonne Abercrombie. 

Symbolic odes to folklore and the figure, emblematic of traditions within historical painting, however their work contains its solace in portraiture. 

‘The important thing is first of all to have a real love for the visible world that lies outside ourselves, as well as to know the deep secret of what goes on within ourselves.

Both practices are observations of nature, the human condition and of reality but through protected veils of selfdom. The narrative of the work illumes multifarious transpositions of ‘being.’ 

A kindling to the stories of fairyland, with a prologue to the hereafter invites a novelistic alikeness. A decanting of the two practices expands the dialogue into an effervescing scene. The singular, the intimate becomes a festivity of subjects in their invented realities.  

As the unpredictability of nature and weather, these paintings move, they speak, they shine…they Muse. An alluding whakatauki Adorn the bird with feathers so it can fly is indicative of the artist’s hand, the act of painting is the adding of feathers, the completion of the work is its permissive release into the viewers susceptiveness. 

‘For the visible world in combination with our inner selves provides the realm where we may seek infinitely for the individuality of our own souls.’


"With Reimagined by the Muse I have opened myself to the unseen realms as a means to harness collective themes and render them with hope and joy.
The muse has not acted as a passive or fleeting entity to the chased and coddled but as an all seeing God-like being who has commanded me to Her Will. My role has been to abdicate control to her regency and power while I render these paintings with a soft heart and light touch.

The themes that have emerged have been full of light and hope; Our lives are our own, the universe conspires to support us, we are gods within our lives, nature wants to romance and seduce us, love is a thread woven through our lives that binds us.

These paintings are talismans to expand consciousness, awaken to possibility and protect those who look upon them. These paintings have a feel of folk art to them with the influences of my early life; quilting, needle crafts and an appreciation of ancient art making themselves known."





In the text of Joseph Albers ‘Homage to the Square’ titles the content of art as a ‘visual formulation of our reaction to life’.

Abercrombie’s work is an intelligible response to Alber. This new series explores visual conceptions of real constructs guised in allegorical prose.

A tangibility of thick textures is the artist allure to a substance of reality, colours abstracted sets up the playful counterfeit that voyages into subsidiary realms. 




June 04, 2024