Brazilian artist, Annie Smits Sandano, is currently based in London and Auckland. Sandano's artistic journey began with her distinctive wood block prints, which garnered attention for their intricate detailing and unique aesthetic. Evolving beyond her initial medium, she has since expanded her practice to painting and ceramics. Her work is characterized by a meticulous process of assembling, collating, and hybridizing, resulting in visually striking compositions that challenge traditional notions of artistry.

With a background in Fine Arts from Elam School of Fine Arts and the Rhode Island School of Design, she has showcased her diverse body of work across exhibitions in New Zealand, Australia, the UK, and the USA.

Throughout her career, Sandano's pieces have captivated audiences and critics alike. Notable acquisitions of her work include placements in collections such as The Wallace Arts Trust, The Hilton Group, and the Deloitte Art Collection.

Her artistic prowess has been further recognized through various accolades, including her installation being selected as a finalist and catalogue cover for New Zealand's 2019 Portage Ceramics Award. Additionally, her artwork has found a distinguished place in Prince William and Catherine Duchess of Cambridge's private collection. Moreover, two of her pieces were chosen as finalists for the Waikato Society of Arts Waikato Youth Art Awards.

Sandano's remarkable contributions to the art world have also been featured in Denis Robinson’s esteemed publication, New Zealand Gallery.