Nina Chechelashvili, a ceramicist born in Georgia and raised in New Zealand, brings a unique blend of influences to her artistic practice. With a background in textile design, she seamlessly integrates material science into her work, forming the cornerstone of her creative expression.

In her hand-built pieces, Chechelashvili utilizes raw materials to craft bespoke glazes and clay blends, exploring the interplay of colour, texture, and surface treatment. Her creations delve into themes of fantasy and utopianism, blending elements of the primitive and futuristic, natural and artificial, to evoke glimpses of new and captivating worlds.

Chechelashvili's talent has garnered recognition, including being named a finalist in the Quartz Museum Emerging Practitioner in Clay Award in 2018. She further honed her craft during an artist residency at Guldagergaard International Ceramic Research Center in Denmark. Now based in Auckland, she operates from her garden studio, where she continues to draw inspiration from the enchantment of nature and the transformative alchemy of ceramics.