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Alecia Koenigsberger is a Wellington based painter, who draws inspiration from her childhood in Zimbabwe, infusing her dynamic and layered still-lives with vibrant colours and intricate textures. After formal art education at the College of Fine Arts in Sydney and a scholarship to an art school in Tuscany, Italy, Koenigsberger explored sculpture and jewelry design at Dinosaur Designs before settling in New Zealand.

Balancing motherhood with her passion for art, Koenigsberger's paintings capture moments of fluidity and movement, evoking energy and vitality. Following a successful solo exhibition in Wellington in 2023, she embraced painting full-time, infusing her artwork with love and attention, akin to her home and garden.

“If I’m not painting, I’m often in the garden…My home is my favorite place, always full of flowers, whether they are from my favorite florist, out of my garden or from beside the road, I love to have them throughout my living space…I love sunlight falling through leaves and the shadow it casts on the wall and of fresh fragrances lingering in different rooms. I can’t paint fragrance, but these elements that are untouchable have such a big influence on my senses.”