Jemma Ennis, a versatile artist based in Auckland, draws inspiration from the Colour Field painters and the Constructivism movement, infused with a hint of Pop-Art. Influenced by renowned artists such as Hilma af Klint, Yayoi Kusama, and David Hockney, Ennis' work embodies a unique blend of artistic styles.

Ennis' current series delves into the concept of fragmentation, deconstructing and reassembling images to create abstract yet cohesive compositions. Her art captures the midway point between unity and abstraction, using geometric shapes and vibrant colours to evoke a sense of intrigue and discovery.

For Ennis, the process of creation is as significant as the final product. Drawing from her background as a Graphic Designer, she imbues her work with clean lines, geometric forms, and rich colour palettes. Her studio, Studio 6, serves as a hub for creativity and collaboration among local artists.

Ennis's art has garnered attention from collectors both in New Zealand and abroad, with her painting 'Looming Norman' being acquired by the Arts HouseTrust. Through her innovative approach and dedication to her craft, Ennis continues to make a significant impact on the contemporary art scene.