I like to take my visual cues from the Colour Field painters and the Constructivism movement with a splash of Pop-Art thrown in for good measure. Many artists who I admire have influenced my work over the years. Here are a few; Hilma af Klint, Yayoi Kusama, David Hockney, Richard Hamilton, Richard Diebenkorn’s Ocean Park Series, Wassily Kandinsky and El Lissitzky, along with NZ artists Jeena Shin and Sara Hughes.
My current series of works explore the concept of fragmentation. Picking apart and discarding the finer details, manipulating the image and putting it back together in a way that becomes almost unrecognisable. For example, when you zoom into a digital image, it becomes abstract and pixelated, then zoom out, and the image reveals itself. My work captures that image at the midway point when the image is no longer unified, and representative but a series of fragmented geometric shapes held together by commonalities such as colour and form.
The process of making is just as important to me as the finished product. I am constantly contemplate my next move and how to get there with the materials and the application. My day job as a Graphic Designer unconsciously permeates my art practice with straight edges, geometric shapes, luscious colour palettes and simple compositions.
In 2017 I set up Studio 6, an artist’s space in the Sunday School Union building on Queen Street. I am one of six practising artists currently working there today.
My work has been purchased by collectors from New Zealand and overseas, and my painting ‘Looming Norman’ was purchased by the Arts HouseTrust.