Emma Hercus, an acclaimed artist based in the coastal village of Plimmerton just north of Wellington, is celebrated for her distinctive style and innovative approach to painting. Winner of the prestigious New Zealand Contemporary Art Award 2022, Hercus' work is a captivating fusion of imagination, vague memories, dreams, history, and legends.

Hercus' artistic technique is characterised by experimental and intentionally accidental use of paint. Layers of colors, textures, and patterns intertwine, often with underlying paintings peeking through, creating a murky history that adds depth to each piece. Through intentional brushstrokes that leave a rough texture and a play of pushing, pulling, scratching, and scraping, Hercus builds narratives that offer glimpses into a mythical and magical world.

Raised on a farm in rural New Zealand, Hercus draws inspiration from her childhood memories and dreams, which thread through her work. A common motif in her art is the importance of caring for our environment and its inhabitants, both real and imagined, with a message to cherish and celebrate the diversity of life. Her ultimate goal is to evoke joy and smiles in her audience.

Residing with her husband and three children, Hercus finds inspiration in the coastal beauty of her surroundings, infusing her art with the essence of the natural world.