Ever wondered if pink and red go together? The resounding answer is yes!

The Meanings of Pink and Red

Before we take a look at some of the pink and red pieces in the gallery, let’s first talk about the psychology behind pink and red…

Red is the most alive and powerful color on the spectrum, constantly in motion and demanding recognition. It conveys a message of power, presence, and sensuality. 

As for pink, messages and meanings vary depending on how vibrant or muted the shade of pink is. Soft and light pinks translate as harmony and inner peace. Bright pinks carry the strength of red but translate as fun and energetic.

Naomi Faifai uses colour in her paintings to express narratives from her everyday life. On My Way focuses on pink and red, with black, white and taupe elements to tie it together.

Annie Smits Sandano has used shades of red with soft pink in her Piha Hoop to reflect the summertime landscape.

The main gallery wall has been curated with bold red, black, white and pink from Mo Stewart, Jo Kreyl, Rachel Rush, Naomi Faifai and Annie Smits Sandano. The works are all very different, but the colour palette brings the works together beautifully.

View the pink and red edit with all of our favourite pieces from the gallery here.

April 25, 2022