What inspired you to become an artist, and how has your journey influenced your creative process?

My artistic journey began in childhood, fueled by a passion for creative and innovative solutions.

Education in fine art and design further shaped my path, leading to roles in teaching and directing art programs, while pursuing commissions.

A transformative painting tour with Dick Frizzell in Tuscany in 2002 deepened my connection to art's power and ignited a love for New Zealand's distinctive landscapes and light.

Living in environments rich with natural beauty has continually inspired my work.

Yoga and the philosophy of unity with the universe, practiced for 27 years, influence my creative process and thematic focus. The use of round substrates since 2009 embodies my fascination with wholeness and universal energy.

Additionally, my mother's passion for Jin Shin Jyutsu introduced me to the art of harmonizing life energy in the body, enriching the meanings embedded in my work.

My art is a journey of exploration, connection, and expression, deeply intertwined with my experiences and philosophies.

Your artworks often showcase a unique focus on the sun. What draws you to this subject matter, and how does it inspire your artistic expression?

The sunrise, with its symbolism of birth, growth, and new beginnings, profoundly influences my art, reflecting a lifetime of mornings welcomed alongside the sun's first rays. This daily ritual, especially cherished during my walks in East Auckland's natural splendours, fuels my creative energy and is a testament to the sun's vital role in illuminating the world's beauty. Its light enhances colours, contrasts, and the expansive sky, serving as a muse for my artistic expression.

My integration of nature's magnificence, coupled with practices like yoga and Jin Shin Jyutsu, transcends into my artwork, inviting viewers to a realm of luminous light and inner tranquility, celebrating the universal connection and the vibrant tapestry of life illuminated by the sun.

Can you share some insights into your artistic techniques and processes? How do you approach the creation of a new piece?

My artistic process begins with the daily inspiration of sunrise guiding nature walks filled with vibrant energy that I bring to my studio.

Through yoga, I tap into the universal energy flowing through everything, which I translate into colour on my canvas. Viewing the world in a spectrum of colours, my painting becomes a meditative practice, reflecting my deep connection with nature and the beauty it offers.

My technique is both an innovative engagement with materials and a reflection of my mastery, constantly pushing the boundaries of traditional art mediums. Since 2009, I've experimented with mixing pigments with epoxy polymer, a method not commonly used by New Zealand artists at the time, to challenge conventional perceptions and create unique fine art.

Your artworks are visually captivating, attracting viewers with their beauty. Do you incorporate deeper narratives or messages into your pieces beyond their surface appeal? If so, we would love to hear about the meanings that enrich your art.

My art transcends mere aesthetic appeal, carrying deeper narratives that mirror life’s profound questions and personal journeys.

Born from experiences of loss and meditative practices, my pieces are artistic conduits for exploring boundless energy, inner calm, and existential musings. My "Solar Seduction" series, in particular, arose from navigating the grief of losing my mother to cancer, prompting a deeper connection with universal energies and gratitude for life.

Utilizing circular canvases, I convey infinity, completeness, and our eternal connection to the cosmos, inviting viewers to reflect on their place within the universe. Through colours that evoke tranquility, my work offers a sanctuary for soulful contemplation, aiming to connect individuals to the serene, cyclical essence of existence.

Your style has evolved over time. Can you discuss any significant influences or experiences that have shaped your artistic development, and how has your style evolved as a result?

Over 26 years, my art has evolved from meticulously detailed celebrations of nature's beauty, influenced by a unique New Zealand light, to incorporating deep spiritual elements following my mother's sudden passing in 2021. This pivotal event led me to explore my existence and connection to universal energy more profoundly, birthing the 'Solar Seduction' series. Infused with gratitude and oneness felt through yoga, Jin Shin Jyutsu, and nature walks, my current work reflects a harmonious blend of luminosity and color, symbolizing our journey towards understanding life's essence and our place within the cosmos.

March 18, 2024