Immerse yourself in the captivating artistry of Hollie O'Neill and her mesmerizing series, 'Solar Seduction'Through her innovative techniques and masterful use of vibrant hues, Hollie creates a realm of tranquility, infinity, and cosmic connection. In 'Solar Seduction,' Hollie's abstract compositions seamlessly blend pigment with epoxy polymer on circular substrates, unveiling a luminous beauty and depth.
“My artistic journey captures the essence of light, colour and emotion, inviting viewers to connect with their own inner worlds.”

Her exceptional talent has garnered recognition as a finalist in prestigious competitions such as New Zealand's Parkin Drawing Prize, while her works grace esteemed collections like The Arts House Trust Collection.

Rooted in moments of deep meditation, Hollie's creations beckon viewers on an introspective journey where light and shadow illuminate the complexities of the human experience.

Mixed Media | 1000mm diameter

"Dawn's Embrace" is an exquisite portrayal of the silent yet powerful exchange between the human spirit and the celestial dance of light and color. This painting captures the profound moment when the first rays of the sun tenderly greet the world, igniting an emotional response akin to a warm, reassuring hug. At the core of this circular canvas, ruby red simulates the sun's very heart, radiating an energy that expands into a halo of comforting orange. This, in turn, is enveloped by a soothing yellow glow that suggests the boundless light of morning. The use of the circle emphasizes a sense of infinity and completeness, reflecting the artist's exploration of our connection to the larger universe and to the timeless cycles of nature. "Dawn's Embrace" encapsulates a feeling of tranquility and calmness, inviting the viewer to pause and revel in the embrace of the sun's nascent glow, embracing the promise of a new day.

Mixed Media | 1000mm diameter

This artwork is like a magic window to the universe, joining peaceful feelings and the wonder of the sky and earth in a single glance. It all starts at the heart of the circle, where a deep sapphire blue whispers secrets of quiet depths. As your gaze drifts outward, this rich blue lightens, blending into the fresh, hopeful green of new leaves glinting under the sun's gentle touch. As if you're looking up from the forest floor through a break in the trees to the open heavens above. It radiates a sense of connection, to the cosmos and the whispering branches that create a natural roof over our heads. The edges of the painting are kissed by a warm yellow glow, a hint of the sun's playful rays that dance through the canopy and brush against your skin on a lazy afternoon. "Cosmic Canopy" isn't just a feast for the eyes; it's an adventure for the soul, inviting you to pause and lose yourself in the serenity it offers. Every color and every brushstroke comes together to tell a story of harmony and stillness, a celebration of the incredible tapestry that nature weaves around us. Let this painting guide you to a peaceful spot within yourself, a reminder of the vibrant life and still moments that coexist in the world's beautiful chaos. It's a visual symphony of serenity, echoing the quiet jubilation found under the vast, starry sky, wrapped up in one perfect, everlasting circle.

Mixed Media | 600mm diameter

"Summer's Azure Embrace" is a poetic visual ode to the soul's response to the interplay of light and hue. A delicate work crafted on a circular canvas that whispers tales of infinity and our yearning for a profound connection with the cosmos. This piece is an echo of nature's majesty, a portrayal of its splendor through the serene symphony of colors. At the heart lies a celestial sky blue that captures the essence of a summer sky's clarity and depth, suggesting a wellspring of calmness and peace. This tranquil blue gradually diffuses into an aqua-green glow, a harmonious boundary where the azure dome of the heavens softly kisses the sea's gentle embrace. "Summer's Azure Embrace" is a sanctuary in pigment, channeling tranquility and a reflective state of mind, inviting viewers to bask in the stillness of the season’s warm caress and the embrace between the sky and sea.

Twilight Infinity
Mixed Media | 600mm diameter

"Twilight Infinity," a circular tapestry of colour, captures the serene dance between day’s end and night's beginning, where the horizon melts into an embrace with the sea. This painting is a voyage into the depths of our emotional landscape, eliciting a profound connection with nature's ephemeral beauty through the brilliance of its luminosity and colour. The circular canvas, a symbol of infinity and wholeness, contains within it the silent poetry of the twilight sky. At its center, a gentle pink heart glows, evoking the softness of the setting sun's final blush. This innocence of light gracefully transitions into a regal purple, the hue of twilight's crown, reflecting the introspective moment when the day yields to the velvet of impending night. From here, the colors deepen, spreading to an electric glow of soft blue, reminiscent of the first touch of night's cool whisper, bordering on the infinite. The canvas culminates at its edge in a deep sky blue, the color of the ocean's mystery at dusk, suggesting the depths below and the expanse above. In "Twilight Infinity," the observer is not merely a viewer but a participant in the grand continuum, surrendering to the calmness of the transitional sky above an ocean's infinite embrace. It is here, in this border of light and shadow, that tranquility and calm reign supreme, inviting the spirit to drink in the closing of one chapter and the soft anticipation of another.

March 11, 2024