Every artist carries within them a tale of inspiration, a narrative woven from their experiences, passions, and the colours of their soul. Alecia Koenigsberger's journey as an artist is one of vibrant hues and textured memories, each stroke on the canvas a reflection of her diverse encounters with art and life itself. Get know Alecia's story through her own words. 

Alecia's Story

At the age of 9, I attended a painting class on Saturday mornings, when I think back it was like a dilapidated 2 story mansion. We would paint for a couple of hours and then have a story told to us while we ate lollies.
It’s a memory that resonates with me. The teacher would paint in front of us, always the background first, and we would copy what he did and finish up with a variation of his wonderful painting. We were living in Zimbabwe at the time and painted on paper made of tobacco. The paper was a khaki light brown colour. It had a slight rough texture. It was beautiful. I loved the fact that the colours were never clean on that paper. At the end of the day, we would roll up our dry paintings and take them home. I have 2 of them framed in my home.
We had a short period of time to paint a complete painting and I have no doubt that this helped create the ethos of my paintings as an adult. I am quick to get my idea on the canvas, it’s the continuous layering and scratching that builds the composition and takes my time.
I attended the College of Fine Arts in Sydney. In this period, I was awarded a scholarship to attend an art school in Tuscany, Italy.
In 2001 I came to New Zealand for a holiday, and I immediately fell in love with the terrain and outdoors. I moved here and married in 2003.
After a rewarding career as the Visual Merchandise Manager for David Jones in Wellington it unfortunately closed its doors in June 2022. The silver lining of course was that I started painting full time a month later. I painted relentlessly for 6 months and in April 2023 had my first solo exhibition. I had nearly 60 paintings and after a week brought only 8 home. It was a wonderful feeling to be so supported and understood.

April 04, 2024