Art Installation, Valuations & Restoration, Canvas Streching & More

Specialty Services

Our Art Services


Our bespoke mirror service offers frames from a collection ranging from contemporary through to the more traditional.

Medals and Memorabilia

We're skilled at the planning and intricacies of framing medals and other objects. And we appreciate the emotion that can be attached to these items.

Gift Registry

We can make it easy for you, or someone you might want to help, to receive art as a gift for say a wedding, birthday or other special event.

Canvas Stretching

Stretching canvas by hand ensures a quality outcome and if you want some extra magic, how about a frame as well?

Art Consultation

If you need advice around a specific peice of art, or for your collection, we can put you in touch with the right person.

Pack & Send Art

Storing or moving art around the country or overseas requires expertise and we can put you in touch with the people to make sure this goes smoothly.

Art Installations

If you are wanting to set up a gallery wall at home or in the workspace and need guidance with placement and layout we have the people to help.

Art Gifting Programme

If you are interested in an art gifting programme for your staff, customers or stakeholders we can help get you started.

Art Appraisal & Valuation

We work with experts in art appraisal and valuation and can put you in touch with the right person.

Art Restoration

We have the expertise to help with the restoration of any aged or damaged pieces that need to be restored to their former glory.