Matt Palmer, an artist based in Australia, paints from a nostalgic perspective, capturing landscapes with a dream-like quality and emotional resonance. Describing his relationship with the landscape as a subconscious conversation, Palmer is constantly drawn back to its evocative qualities.

In his meditative approach to painting, Palmer seeks imagery that evokes both his childhood memories and the rich history of the painting genre. His work reflects a blend of desire and reality, constructing landscapes that are deeply personal and intimate.

Growing up under the influence of his father, the renowned New Zealand landscape painter Stanley Palmer, Matt Palmer was immersed in the world of image-making from an early age. His creative upbringing and exposure to various mediums and painting excursions with his father shaped his artistic journey.

Inspired by his experiences, Palmer pursued studies at Elam School of Art, where he further honed his skills under the guidance of mentors like Denys Watkins, fostering his passion for painting and exploration of landscapes.