Robyn Fleet was born in Hastings in 1974. Having discovered her hunger for travel and cultural experiences, she explored the world for 14 years, based mainly in Sydney Australia and London UK.  
Fleet returned to Hawkes Bay 12 years ago after living overseas for many years, subsequently studying and graduating with a Bachelor of Art and Design. Since 2013 Fleet has exhibited in several public galleries and is currently working on establishing a contemporary art space for children's classes and workshops, also along side developing art programmes for aged care.
Robyn works mainly in oil paints and oil sticks, she is obsessed with the materiality of paint itself and what its possibilities are. Simultaneously to life, it is the act of doing that lets you discover 'the open ended possibilities', it opens the imagination. A principal theme in Robyn's work is 'the human condition' lately she is particularly concerned with issues surrounding racism. She tries to express both of these elements through her art. Open ended possibilities and imagination is a reflection on how we may perceive ourselves or others. Who do we think we are?


"My work is about my process of how I arrive at my images. It is the intention of my work to suggest avenues of emotion and thought, the human experience through sensations of materiality and tactility."

Meet The Jury series

 Robyn Fleet Meet The Jury series
















Taken from Picassos blue period, Robyn Fleet explores the human condition, a common thread in her practice. In her latest series, Fleet has created fictitious sworn in Jury members.

“I was summoned for Jury service in 2022, my name was pulled out of the box, only the process was stopped as the case resolved itself that afternoon. There were about 60 of us squashed into a room. I looked around and observed all the people that could have been part of the jury process. There was a gentleman sitting next me also desperate to get on the jury, his name got called out, he was ecstatic.  

We were going to be called back later that afternoon. He went home to mow his lawns. I went back to my studio and started a process of mark making, jury member characters started appearing through materials of oil sticks, bristly brushes, rags and sticky oil paints.’  
Why the Jury members? I’m interested in the 'processes' we take to start and end with a certain outcome.

Pearl Doctor, Robyn Fleet Sally Lawyer, Robyn Fleet Fleur Poet, Robyn Fleet 

From top left: Pearl, Doctor. Sally, Lawyer. Fleur, Poet. Fredrick, Artist.

View Robyn's jury collection HERE.

February 20, 2023