Chuck Gordo

Growing up in a small town in Southern Indiana I drew and coloured often. From 13 years old to 21 the creativity button was pushed to pause. There was more pull toward sport, girls, rock n roll, television, & cars. The on button was pressed while living in Philadelphia. A fellow tennis pro at the same club as I was a terrific painter. Rob Alford would show me his paintings, I would watch him paint & attend his exhibitions. Philadelphia was culturally another world compared to where I was from. By watching Rob I learned how to create again. 

After painting sporadically for 7 years I saw the film Great Expectations with Ethan Hawke & it ignited a passion to take my creativity to another level. I began exhibiting & selling work in Philly. Since turning pro in 1998 I have created, exhibited & sold work in Philadelphia, Hamilton, Wellington, Auckland, Cape Town, New York, & Long Island, NY.

I treasure the way art has no rules…anything goes…art offers a helluva lot of freedom. I am a servant to creative expression. As with most passions I am liberated by and captive to it simultaneously and in turns. I colour my own world and am moved to overflow into the world of others. My work is largely intuitive and has evolved organically into a figurative expressionist style.