'Future Chaos' explores the relationship between two very different art forms, precise, solid sculptural forms versus free flowing, chaotic paintings on board.

Levi Hawken and Michael Anderson’s art practices couldn’t be more polar opposite. Levi works with solid forms, creating urban, brutalist inspired sculptures from concrete. His practice is scientific and mathematical, working with precise angles and building custom moulds to create sharp, smooth forms. On the other hand, Michael’s painting process is an investigation into how the action of painting can be distorted, hidden, exaggerated, negated or otherwise modified by the paint or surface it interacts with. Oil and acrylic house paints, polyurethane, oils, PVA, turps and water are used to build up layers on custom board.

View all new sculptural works from Levi Hawken paired with original paintings by Michael Anderson at our Herne Bay gallery, contactless viewings and enquiries are available at the gallery door.

The exhibition pieces will be available to purchase online from Friday 5th November.

View Levis current collection HERE

View Michaels current collection HERE